2019年5月31日 星期五

Taiwan Exhibition Information & Exhibition Interpretation

Taiwan Trans supports visitations of product exhibitions held in various locations such as Taipei, Taichung and Tainan. From Dispatching a Chinese interpreter who guides you along the exhibitions to business negotiations and purchases with companies here in Taiwan, we will support and guide you locally.

Please feel free to contact us via the link below!

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2019年5月21日 星期二

2019/8/28-8/30 TADTE 2019 Taiwan Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition

Date:  August 15- August 17

Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1

Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition

Exhibit Profile:
Defense Industry Equipment & Technology       
Aerospace Industrial Materials
Airport Facilities and Construction                
Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment
Aircraft Industry Technologies and Maintenance   
Navigation Systems and Equipment
Aerospace Electronics, Mechanicals and Instruments
Aerospace Machine Tool and Accessories for Aerospace Industry
Flight Control and Monitoring Systems
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Leisure Aviation
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Test and Application 

Exhibit Areas:
Ministry of National Defense Pavilion
Defense Industry Equipment & Technology
Aerospace Industry Equipment & Technology
Aerospace Machine Tools
Space Tech Expo Area
Aerospace Fastener
Overseas Exhibitor
Test Flying Area

For more information please visit TADTE official page 

2019年5月20日 星期一

2019/8/28-8/30 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition

Date: August 21- August 24
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 1&4F, Hall 2 4F

For more information please go to Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition official page.

2019/8/28-8/30 Taipei Movies and Toys Convention

Venue: Taipei Expo Hall 1

This Convention features all types of movie genres and action figures from your childhood or the latest action movies. For more information, please go to Movie and Toys Convention official website.

2019/10/17-10/19 Taiwan Hardware Show

Venue: Taichung International Exhibition Center

Taiwan Hardware Show celebrates 

19 years of success.

Industry-leading hardware exhibition drive Taiwan’s hardware capabilities towards global recognition
Poised as the leading trade hub for ‘Made in Taiwan’ hardware produced for international markets, the Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) gains new heights for its 19th edition this year. Presenting Taiwan’s valued capabilities in producing top-grade hardware tools and high-value products with competitive prices sought by worldwide industry players and trade buyers, the exhibition brings together X of the country’s top manufacturers with OEM, OBM and ODM specializations. For over three days from 17-19 October, the Taichung International Exhibition Center will house the complete spectrum of high-grade products for multi-sector applications available for direct orders. 
Taiwan Hardware Show 2019 will be augmented with concurrent seminars and industry conferences fronted by notable international industry experts and local trade authorities who will share deeper insights on Taiwan’s hardware industry advancement. The THS Industrial Forum will bring spotlight on topics covering Taiwan’s hardware industry influence in foreign markets such as Europe, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries. This forum aims to cultivate better understanding of the local and global hardware market conditions and opportunities. Ultimately, this year’s edition is geared up to further promote Taiwan’s attractiveness as an innovative and progressive hardware market that fulfils global buyers’ demands with its trusted capabilities and quality business processes.

2019/8/28-8/30 Touch Taiwan Display International


August 28 (Wed.) - 30 (Fri.), 2019
10:00AM - 5:00PM


Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 1F
(No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan)

This is the only exhibition jointly supported by TDUA, TTLA, TDMDA, TEEIA and the Taiwanese display industry.

The grand gathering of Display industries in Taiwan - Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), is composed of TTLA, TDMDA and TEEIA, representing Taiwan’s display, materials , components and new application industry. Touch Taiwan is now the world’s most influential exhibition of the display industry supply chains and also the exact fair most representative of strong connection with Taiwan’s high-tech industries, serving as a powerful platform attracting annually foreign buyers to purchase panels, learn new technologies, procure equipment and materials, and explore new business cooperation opportunities. In addition to wide-ranging exhibits associated with the display industry supply chains, such as optoelectronics, semiconductor, smart production, automation, robots, materials and components, machine vision, and electronics manufacturing equipment, the Touch Taiwan will also incorporate related application fields, including OLED applications, commercial displays, digital signage, wearable displays, and vehicle displays, so as to present more abundant aspects for all participants in the event. The purpose is not only to integrate the display industry chain in Taiwan but to also serve as a platform that proactively helps manufacturers expand their business.

Touch Taiwan 

2019//9 - 9/21 Taiwan beauty Int'l show

Date: September 9th to 21st 
Venue: TWTC hall 1 

Taiwan International Beauty Show 2019

As Taiwan's only B2B Beauty Show, we welcome not only excellent exhibitors to participate, but also key international buyers to explore more opportunities in Taiwan's beauty industry.

IMPORTANT THEMES: Taiwan Beauty Power, Beauty Gadgets, Fashion Trends, Exotic Charms, Startup Pavilion

 • Makeup Kits
 • Makeup Preparations
 • Skin Care Products
 • Hair Care
 • Nail Supplies
 • Eyelash products
 • SPA
 • Perfume & Deodorant
 • Cosmetics and Beauty Supplies
 • Cosmetics Container/ packaging
 • Cosmetics making machines/ equipment
 • Beauty Supplements
 • Forums/seminars
 • One-on-One Procurement Meeting
 • Product launch
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