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Education System / Types of Schools

As one of the four ‘Asian Tigers’, Taiwan has long been known as a well-developed, high-tech, industrialized country around the world. The country’s excellence in teaching has consistently result in flying results from Taiwanese students in international competitions and tests such as International Olympiads. Taiwan is also home to some of the top-most prestigious universities known internationally including the National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University and National Taiwan Normal University. With the high-level teaching quality and reputation, Taiwan is promised to be one of the best choices for your education abroad.


*Taiwan implements a 12-year compulsory education.

You can apply for a variety of the different programs offered by the different education institutions throughout the different stages of the Taiwanese education system. Examples include:

Short-Term Language Programs

Universities and Language schools across the country offer short-term Chinese language programs ffor oreigners at different levels. The time-span of such programs ranges from days, to weeks and even months.

Summer Camps

Apart from the usual university undergraduate/graduate programs, Taiwan universities also offer summer camps targeting the different age groups with a variety of themes: Science Camps, Chinese Culture Camps, etc.

Long-Term Language Programs

Similar to that of short-term language programs, many of the language centers of the universities and language schools also offer long-term Chinese courses at different levels. Your hard work are bound to pay off!

Winter Camps

Similar to that of Summer Camps, universities in Taiwan also offer winter camps of similar nature. Why not experience the Taiwanese culture and a Taiwanese Christmas at the same time?

University/Graduate Programs

Study abroad at Taiwan for your undergraduate/graduate degree can range from 4 years for an undergraduate degree, to 2 years for a master’s degree, and many other variations as according to the nature of your program.

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